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Families in Business in Crisis

How to Proceed

Grant D Goodvin J.D.

How did our family reach this point?

© Grant D Goodvin

Since you selected this link, we assume you are in a crisis.  First, you are not the only family to face the issues that have emerged.  We can state that with 100% certainty.  We encourage you to not allow feelings of discouragement or hopelessness dominate your approach.  Often, a family will go through blame shifting, accusations, secret meetings to try and fend off the undermining of family members' positions and roles.  A family will wonder if they can ever have a productive meeting without the source of the crisis rearing its ugly head.  We tell you with no reservations or hesitation you can.  On a temporary basis, you can observe an immediate change if one of our trained consultants is present at your next meeting.  People will act differently if an outsider is there to observe.  The change is not permanent but it does illustrate that change can begin.

Second, if you are the parents/founders/senior generation, resist the impulse to squelch the raw perspectives and emotions that have emerged by issuing all or nothing edicts in order to create an appearance of peace but does nothing to resolve the source of the problem.

Third, if the reality exists that the family cannot communicate as a group or between individuals, refrain from allowing venues that only serve to repeat the same arguments.  Usually family members repeat themselves at these meetings and listening is reduced to the prerecorded tapes they have created in their minds along with the attachment of suspicious or accusatory motives.

Fourth, call us immediately.  You can click here for our phone number.  We place a high priority on families in a crisis situation.  We can respond quickly and efficiently.  We know how to cut through the rhetoric of family members to clarify the issues at hand.  Many times, fear of judgment or loss of position or loss of income prevents the family from allowing an outsider view the rawness of the conflict the family faces.  We can help your family regain your footing.

We repeat what we stated at the beginning:  your family is not the only family to face the issues that have emerged.  You are not alone.  Let us help.

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